The main components of the paper shredder include cutters and electric motors, which are tightly connected by belts and gears. The paper is fed in between the biting blades and is divided into many small pieces of paper. Different paper shredding methods are suitable for different occasions. Our paper shredder can obtain different paper shredding effects according to the type of cutter.

The advantages of the industrial paper shredder

  1. Super large amount of shredded paper: 1.2-2.0 tons of shredded paper per hour, which fully meets the requirements of industrial production-type paper shredding;
  2. Long continuous work: 24 hours of uninterrupted work, a large number of shredded paper can be concentrated to ensure high-efficiency work;
  3. Wide crushing adaptability: It can crush different secret-related media, such as paper, electronic multimedia, film, medicine and other media;
  4. Customized design: It can be designed according to customers’ needs to meet different needs of customers. Such as paper feeding method, control mode, new paper shredding effect, etc;
  5. Comprehensive safety insurance: Automatic shutdown when the door is opened, and automatic shutdown when the paper is full;
  6. Conveyor belt type: Easy to crush heavy objects and paper balls;
  7. Shredded paper pressing function: Avoid frequent cleaning of waste, affect work speed and save time;