Industrial cardboard shredder is mainly used to shred and cut cardboard and paper to achieve effective recycling and reuse.

This carton box shredding machine can quickly cut large or heavy cardboard into smaller pieces, paper strips, or diamond-shaped or honeycomb-shaped packaging materials that can be used for filling, providing convenience for the reprocessing of waste paper.

Commercial cardboard shredders are commonly used in the packaging and logistics industries to help process and reduce paper packaging waste and promote sustainable cardboard recycling.

Why should we use the cardboard shredder?

In recent years, garbage classification has been universally popularized throughout the country. The purpose is to increase the resource value and economic value of it. In the face of increasing garbage production and the deterioration of environmental conditions, how to maximize garbage resources and realize their highest value?

At present, reducing the amount of waste disposal, along with improving the quality of the living environment is one of the urgent issues of common concern to countries around the world.

What’s more, the cutting shape can be customized based on your needs. The shredded cardboard can be folded freely as a cheap and practical packing filler. In this way, it not only solves the problem of how to dispose of discarded cardboard but also saves the high cost of filling materials, achieving a win-win effect.

How does a cardboard shredder work?

  1. Feeding stage: The user puts the waste cardboard into the feeding port of the cardboard shredding machine.
  2. Cutting and Shredding: The cardboard passes through the cutting mechanism and the blades start cutting and shredding the cardboard. These blades are usually designed to be powerful and sharp to ensure efficient cutting of cardboard into small pieces.
  3. Adjusting the size: Users can usually adjust the machine’s settings as needed to produce cardboard shreds of the desired size and shape.
  4. Collection and discharge: The cut and shredded cardboard fragments are discharged through the discharge port. Users can centrally collect these fragments for subsequent processing, such as recycling.
foreign customer visit for cardboard shredder
foreign customer visit for cardboard shredder

The difference between shredded cardboard and common packing filler

In addition to economic value, corrugated cardboard is used as packaging filler, which can be recycled without pollution. Common packing fillers on our market have many disadvantages, and most are made of foam board, wrapping film, bubble film, foam rubber particles, etc. They are difficult to recycle without environmental protection functions and the production process is cumbersome with an irritating odor. 

These factors will affect the export of goods. For example, Europe, the United States, Japan, and other places refuse to use plastic fillers.

The Shuliy cardboard shredder can effectively avoid this problem, and bring great convenience to the import and export trade. At the same time, by using this paper shredder, we have a better chance to live in a green environment, which reflects the environmental protection value.

The advantage of a carton box shredder machine

  • High profit: If you sell abandoned cardboard boxes as waste, the price is very low. The value after processing is more than three times the original, and the profit is very considerable.
  • Wide application: As a filling or cushioning material, it can be used for packing precision instruments, meters, appliances, ceramics, glass, crafts, furniture, etc.
  • Waste utilization: It can handle irregular waste cardboard, unqualified cartons, boxes with color, cartons, etc.
  • Green and environmental protection: Our cardboard shredder can recycle waste cardboard boxes, and it is green and environmentally friendly without any pollution. Thus, processed cardboard can be considered as a substitute for some chemical products.
  • Technological innovation: Our cardboard shredder is controlled by a microcomputer and designed with a security device. Besides, it bears photoelectric detection, implementing humanized security.
  • Intensive service: For different countries and regions we also have specific sockets to meet the needs.
  • It can cut ultra-wide cardboard automatically and it has stable performance at a reasonable price.