Waste incinerator machine

Waste incinerator machine

The small waste incinerator is mainly used for the incineration of all kinds of domestic garbage, animal carcasses, medical waste, etc., to reduce garbage pollution and the spread and infection of bacteria, and it can also save garbage storage space.

This new type of incinerator adopts secondary incineration and filtration treatment, which can make the smoke and dust content lower than the internationally prescribed emission standards.


This kind of garbage incinerator can realize the closed operation and management of infectious disease dead animal carcasses and medical waste incineration. All kinds of hospitals, animal breeding farms, slaughterhouses, large commercial organizations, enterprises, institutions, etc., can use this kind of waste incinerator for one-time incineration of garbage generated every day.

This kind of garbage incinerator uses advanced gasification incineration and mixed incineration technologies to completely destroy pathogens and other toxic and harmful components of garbage. Moreover, through strict exhaust gas purification treatment, the emission of particulate matter and carbon black in the flue gas is lower than the emission standard.


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