Airflow hoisting carbonization furnace uses advanced hot gas flow carbonization technology, greatly improve the carbonization rate, and less land occupation, simple and convenient operation, safety and environmental protection, high production efficiency, can save a lot of energy.

Airflow hoisting carbonization furnace adopts the hoisting combination structure, use the method of hoisting cooling, one day can be carbonized multiple furnaces, greatly shorten the production cycle, improve the charcoal production efficiency, is the ideal equipment for large and medium-sized scale charcoal producers to produce charcoal.

Air-flow hoisting carbonization furnace adopts a unique flue gas treatment system so that the flue gas generated by carbonization can be fully utilized after purification. In addition to the furnace’s own use, to meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection, the remaining 60% of the flue gas can be used as another drying, carbonization, and other heat sources, saving a large amount of fuel in production, improve the enterprise benefits.