The comprehensive pallet crusher, namely the scrap wood shredder, waste wood pallet grinder, is a large and medium-sized continuous crushing equipment, mainly used to crush and recycle various waste packaging wooden boxes, waste wooden furniture, waste building templates, nailed wood scraps, waste wood pallets, branches, logs, hardwoods, etc.

This continuous pallet crusher machine can quickly crush all kinds of scrap wood wastes into scraps. The wood chips and sawdust processed by the comprehensive crusher can be used for papermaking, power generation, and processing into biomass pellets. This kind of continuous wood crushing equipment is often used in various large construction factories, farms, forest farms, etc. to recycle all kinds of wood.

The wood pallet crusher machine is often used with automatic conveying equipment of different lengths to realize automatic production. The processing efficiency of the comprehensive crusher is very high, and the nails can be separated automatically when processing the wood with nails. Its output per hour can be as high as about 50 tons.