Drum wood chipper is the special equipment for the production of high-quality wood chips. This wood chipper shredder is popular in the market because of its large output and high efficiency. This large wood chipper can be continuously produced in the factory or raw material production area, with a high degree of automation and strong adaptability.

The cutting system of this newly designed large wood chipper is mainly composed of special knife rollers. There are usually multiple rotary cutting blades mounted on the knife roll. When feeding different sizes of wood, the feeding roller in its cutting system can float up and down within a certain range with the help of its hydraulic system, so that the wood enters the cutting system smoothly without shaking.

Qualified wood chips cut by the knife roller will fall through the mesh hole and be discharged from the bottom, while larger wood chips will continue to be cut in the cutting bin. The cover of the drum wood chipper can be opened to facilitate the replacement of the blade and the adjustment of the blade position.