What is the best method to recycle used tires?

With the development of the auto industry, the amount of waste tires has been on growth. Because of the strong resistance of the heat, it is not an easy thing to decomposed waste tires. Used tires not only always occupy a lot of lands but spread diseases by breeding mosquitoes.

Reused waste tires directly as fish shelter or floating lighthouse. but this method is not popular. Thermal decomposition is also a good way to recycle used tires, but the recycling cost is too high without much profit. Recycling waste tires into rubber powder are widely used in many countries, which is regarded as the most reasonable way to recycle used tires. What’s more, the reclaimed rubber industry is keeping an upward momentum.

Recycling process of the waste tire recycling line

Cutting the tire side

ring cutter

For cutting the tire side, we can use the ring cutter. This used tire recycling equipment is used for cutting and separating the steel mouth, sidewall, and crown of used tires, and is the first process for recycling used tires.

The basic principle is to select the inner ring of the tire as the support point and the inner ring on the support frame. Move the tool while the tire is running at low speed, cut into the tire, and cut the tire smoothly.

Cutting the tire into strips

strip cutter

This strip cutter can cut the tire when removing wire into strips. This rubber tire cutting tool is simple, reasonable in design. The width of the strap is adjustable, two-disc knives are made of special metal heat treatment, which is hard and durable and can be used repeatedly.

Cutting the tire strips into lumps

lump cutter

The lump cutter is mainly used to cut rubber strips into pieces of a certain size. The blades are made of alloy, when blades are not sharp enough, they can be sharpened repeatedly. This machine is affordable, easy to operate, and environment friendly, it is durable and pollution-free.

Granule making and screening

Granule making and screening unit

The rubber lumps will be crushed by the crusher machine two times. In order to improve the quantity of the rubber granules, we crush the rubber lumps roughly for the first time, then grind them more finely. rubber particles will be sent to the screening table.

Full and effective pulverization can be obtained in the crushing chamber. This new type of waste rubber granule equipment has high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and uniform discharge.