Corn peeler and thresher

Corn peeler and thresher

Corn thresher refers to a mechanical device for threshing corn. The corn thresher has the characteristics of high automation, strong safety, simple operation, and low energy consumption. The inner part of the corn sheller is an up-down structure, and the corn cob firstly is peeled and then threshed.


In order to meet customer’s different requirements, our maize thresher can be driven by a 2.2KW motor, 170F gasoline engine, or 8 HP diesel engine. Cylindroid hammer is an important part to make cob and kernel keep unbreakable. With reasonable design and high capacity, this maize sheller really is a useful tool for farmers, and it is suitable for home or industrial use, greatly boosting working efficiency.
Advantages of corn thresher
The suction fan can absorb the impurities from cobs, such as corn silk, corn skin, dust, etc.
On the account of four wheels, the corn shelling machine is easy to install and move during operation, and the working place of the corn thresher is not restricted.
This Corn thresher has two functions, one is removing the corn peel, the other is thresher corn. It greatly saves labor time, and money compared with the single function machine.
High efficiency is the most prominent feature of it, can get 1-1.5t corn kernels per hour. Because the peel function and thresher function can be performed simultaneously. The most important is the threshing rate reaches 97%, which means almost all kernels can keep intact.
Low broken rate. It is less than 3%.


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Model SL-AB2
Power 2.2kw
Capacity 1-1.5t/h
Weight 110kg
Size 1050*500*1300mm
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