This commercial wood shaving machine is mainly used to cut all kinds of dry wood and branches into curled shavings with uniform thickness. This wood shaver is driven by electricity and has high working efficiency. Its processing volume can reach 300kg/h to 1500kg/h per hour.

The main structure of the wood shavings machine includes frame body, motor, pulley, cutter head, and so on. The cutter head of the machine is between 0.5-3mm. By adjusting the angle of the tip of the cutter head, the thickness of the finished wood shavings can be adjusted. Because wood shavings are a one-shot product, there are no screens and hammers inside this wood shaver.

When using the machine, first turn on the power and start the machine to keep the machine in continuous operation. Then put the wood or branches to be processed into the inlet of the wood shaving machine. After the wood enters the machine inlet, it will be quickly cut into uniform wood shavings, and then discharged through the outlet.