The fishmeal screening machine is an important fish meal re-processing equipment in the fish meal production line, which is mainly used to sieve out the fine fish powder according to the required size of the fish meal materials. It is also called the drum screen. Actually, this sieving machine can be widely used in many fields for screening all kinds of powdery materials, such as sawdust, sand, distiller grains, cement, lime, and so on.

The fish meal screening machine is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, drum device(rotation shaft and screen mesh), frame, sealing cover, inlet, and outlet. According to the actual production needs of customers it can be customized for a more reasonable design. Its foot can be both the fixed type and the removable type with wheels.

This screening machine is a new generation of screening equipment. Except for sieving the fishmeal powder, it can also be widely used in chemical, coking plants, mining, power plants, building materials, metallurgy, and other industries. Drum screen is often used for the classification of powdered materials, and its screening effect is very good.