Fish meal crusher also named small multi-functional crusher machine, which is the common type of powdery materials processing machine in many fields, such as wood and branches shredding, charcoal or coal briquettes crushing and so on. In the fishmeal production line, this fishmeal crushing machine is mainly to turn fishmeal blocks into fine fish powder.

This crusher machine is the multi-functional type for shredding all kinds of materials. With the well-designed structure, it has a long service life and wide applications. This shredder machine is mainly composed of the inlet, outlet, the crushing chamber(including the cutter plate, screening mesh, and the hammers), frame body, fan, motors, cyclone and so on.

The raw materials for crushing in this fish meal shredder machine are these big fishmeal blocks which are screened from the fish meal screening machine. After fish meal sieving, we can use a screw conveyor to transport the fishmeal blocks into this crushing machine inlet. With the high shredding speed from the inner hammers and cutters, the fishmeal can be crushed very quickly. Then the fan will suck the fish powder into the dust collector. And the dust collecting device will discharge the fishmeal fast and will not make dust pollution of the working site.