Deoiling dewatering machine

Deoiling dewatering machine

The Deoiling Machine is to exercise power in connection with the frying machine. The deoiling machine makes the centrifugal movement. The electric motor drives the inner-tank to rotate at extremely high speed. The moisture in the dehumidifying material splashes under high-speed rotation so as to realize achieve dehydration.


The fried food deoiling machine plays an important role in the Fried Peanut Production Line. The Deoiling Machine tends to exercise power in conjunction with the Frying Machine. The fried peanut oil removing machine is to extract extra oil produced in the step of frying. The deoiling machine is made of 304 stainless steel. It’s mainly used in fruit and vegetable processing industry for processing fruits and vegetables. This machine is suitable for units or individuals that require dehydration or oil removal.


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Model Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Power(KW) Capacity(kg)
SL-400 1000*500*700 360 1.1 300
SL-500 1100*600*750 380 1.5 400
SL-600 1200*700*750 420 2.2 500
SL-800 1400*900*800 480 3 700