The walking tractor is a small tractor, transportation, and agricultural machinery, which are popular in agriculture in various countries. It is powered by a diesel engine, and its small, flexible, and powerful features make it very popular with farmers. It is also called a single-axle walking tractor, walk-behind tractor, or power tillage machine. This walking tractor machine can be used with a double-disc plow, single plow, double plough, corn planter, wheat planter, mud wheel, rotavator, trailer, sprinkler, ditcher, rotary plow machine, etc. When the trailer is matched with a walking tractor, it can be used for all-terrain transportation. They also make the tasks that walking tractors can complete on your diversified farm more diversified. From the transportation of compost during planting to the transportation of crops in the field, straw baler, orchard, or pasture.