The automatic mealworm separator machine is the common screening equipment for sorting out the mealworm skins, fecula, dead and damaged larvae from a bulk of mealworms efficiently. This mealworm screening machine is also named the Tenebrio Molitor sorting machine, a multi-functional screening machine specially used for sorting mealworm larvae.

This mealworm separator machine combines the functions of a sealing sieve and inner fans to quickly and thoroughly sort out the feces, skin, mites, and good larvae in the live mealworm and has no harm to the live mealworm.

For enterprises or self-employed individuals who are breeding mealworms, the yellow mealworms should be regularly screened and separated from larvae and skins during the growth and reproduction to facilitate subsequent breeding and processing. However, the number of mealworms in each breeding box is tens of thousands.

If the traditional manual screening method is adopted, the dead insects are selected one by one, which will consume a lot of labor time, the efficiency is extremely low, and it is also prone to leakage. Without a professional screening machine, it is impossible to complete the screening of the size of the insect body and the separation and screening of the larvae powder. Therefore, an efficient mealworm separator machine is extremely needed for these mealworm farmers.