Unlike the complete type of fish meal production line composed of a series of independent fish processing machines, this fish meal plant is an integrated unit for gathering all the functions and crafts of the fishmeal production line. It was designed with a compact and reasonable structure for easy movement and saving space. This fish powder production unit is very suitable for the fish meal making workshop with the small and medium yields, besides, this fish meal plant can be set on the ships for making fishmeal and fish oil on the sea.

Although this onboard fish powder making plant is different from the complete fish meal production line, their main fish meal processing crafts are the same. Therefore, we can say this the compact fish meal making unit is a miniature version for making fish powder and fish oil.

This fishmeal production unit’s main fish processing procedure includes fish stewing, fish squeezing, and fish meal drying. The customer can choose the fish cutting machine, fish meal crusher, and fishmeal packaging machine, air deodorization system as their supporting equipment for deep processing of their fish meal production based on their actual production requirements.