Coffee granule packing machine

Coffee granule packing machine

The coffee packaging machine can pack coffee particles quickly and efficiently. The design of the machine is scientific, and the weight of the packaging is calculated accurately. In addition, this machine is not only suitable for packaging coffee, but also for packaging various granular materials.


This machine can pack granules, such as MSG, oatmeal, sesame paste, sugar, salt, pumpkin seeds, spice, coffee, soy milk powder, etc. The bigger ones can be peanuts, melon seeds, green beans, popcorn, etc. There are 4 measuring cups in the machine, and the measuring cups have 3 sizes. The grams of packaging are different according to the volume of the measuring cup. The bag maker has been adjusted when the machine leaves the factory, and customers do not need to adjust it by themselves. In addition, the bag maker uses tin soldering, which has a good welding process, no solder joints, smooth surface, and relatively precise, ensuring no deformation.


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