Almond nut slicer machine

Almond nut slicer machine

An almond slicer, also known as a peanut or nut slicer, is designed to cut various nut kernels into slivers. The raw materials include dry or wet peanuts (halved), almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts etc. The almond slice cutting machine is quite suitable for industrial use. Adjustable thickness of the slices, high output, low cost, stainless steel parts and compact structure are among the outstanding characteristics of the nut slicing machine. The finished products of the almond slicers can also be useful for the processing of snacks, like almond slices cookies, chocolate peanut slices.


The almond slicer has many distinct advantages. The thickness of the nut slices is adjustable and can meet customers’ specific needs. To reach different slicing thicknesses, loosen the screws on both ends of the blades and those on the upper channel to adjust the clearance between the blades and the feeding port. The thickness of slivers generally reaches about 1mm. Because the peanut nut slicer machine is made of stainless steel, it is hygienic and easy to clean. The blades are of high quality and have a long service life, suitable for cutting various nuts. Besides, the output of the almond flakes cutter ranges from 200kg/h to 300kg/h, and the capacity can be customized.


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