The commercial basket frying machine is a deep batch fryer, which can be heated by electricity or gas. The commercial basket food frying machine has a wide range. It is suitable for frying seafood, meat, vegetables, or other snack products. This machine is an oil-water separation machine, which greatly saves oil compared with other commercial frying machines. It is widely used in deep-fried snacks, deep-fried French fries, deep-fried fries, chinchin fried, and other snack foods.


The commercial basket food fryer is a multifunctional, oil-water separation frying equipment. The food fryer can realize automatic temperature control during the frying process. Thus make the frying temperature uniform and ensure the color of the fried food. The oil-water separation basket frying machine is suitable for almost all fried snacks on the market. Such as French fries, potato chips, banana chips, peanuts, broad beans, shaqima, squid rings, vegetable cakes, tempura, etc.