The roti chapati making machine(tortilla maker) adopts an intelligent control system, which can produce buns continuously and uninterruptedly. This roti maker machine can not only produce chapati, but also roti, tortilla vegetable chapattis, spring roll, and other products. The commercial tortilla maker can intelligently control the output, capacity, and processing speed of chapatti. And through customization, it can produce different patterns Rotis with different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it can meet different processing requirements according to customer needs.

The fully automatic tortilla making machine uses the principle of imitating handwork to make a tortilla. Put the reconciled noodles into the noodle bucket, the tortilla maker machine will automatically cut into pieces, press, and shape, and bake. The machine adopts an intelligent PLC control screen, which can adjust the size and weight of the sliced noodles at will. And it also can customize the shape, size, and pattern of the baking machine according to customer requirements. Its baking pan is a low-temperature baking pan, which can bake tortillas from low to high temperatures. So it is more conducive to the taste and quality of chapatti.