The banana chips production line designed by Taizy is used to produce deep-fried banana chips. We provide small and automatic banana chip production machines. It has undergone peeling, slicing, frying, flavoring, and other steps to manufacture banana chips and plantain chips.

The automatic banana chip production line can realize the automated production of banana chips from green bananas to finished packaging. Its output range can reach 50-1000kg/h. And we also can customize the production project according to the customer’s requirements.


Application: used to produce banana chips, plantain chips, banana wafers.

Output: The plantain chips production line includes small and large processing plants. The small line’s output is 50-500kg/h. The automatic chips plant’s output is 300-1000kg/h.

Customized or not: Yes

Heating method: electric heating, gas heating

Popular areas: Canada, Ecuador, Philippines, Ghana, Cameroon, and other places.

Production process: peeling green bananas-slicing-blanching-dehydration-frying-deoiling-seasoning-packaging.