The scrap metal shearing machine is a kind of equipment suitable for shearing and crushing heavy scrap steel. The application of this machine solves the problem of crushing heavy waste charge, which is widely used in rolling mills, metallurgical plants, and waste steel treatment and recovery units. This metal shear is the effective equipment for metallurgical charge treatment and section shearing.

The waste metal shearing machine adopts the hydraulic system for cutting all kinds of metal sheets, steel plates, waste cars shells, and so on. The sheet metal shears are made of high-quality steel so that it is very durable and has high working efficiency. It is the commonly used waste metal processing equipment in many metal recycling plants.

The sheet metal shearing machine (gantry shears), also known as gantry-type metal shears, are mainly suitable for cutting various solid scrap iron, light and thin scrap steel, scrap car shells, bulk light metal structures made of steel, scrap steel for production and living, and various plastic nonferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum Alloys, copper materials), etc. into various specifications for easy transportation and suitable for compression baling into furnace charge.