Large combination weigher packaging machine

Large combination weigher packaging machine

The multi-head combination scale packaging machine can meet the various packing needs of users. It can pack powder objects, paste objects, granule objects, liquid objects, etc. Such as it can pack Nigeria Chinchin, candy, potato chips, French fries, peanuts, melon seeds, salt, cashews, water, flour, washing powder, etc.


The large combination weigher packaging machine is suitable for packaging liquids, pastes, powders, and granules. It can be used to package puffed food, potato chips, French fries, peanuts, melon seeds, MSG, tea, dried fruits, biscuits, cereals, hardware, plastics, and other granular, flake, strip, and irregular shapes, and other objects. It can be wrapped up to 2.5 kg. This machine is the first choice when you pack fragile items. For example, potato chips, French fries, Nigerian chinchin, and other snacks. The machine installs the packing film backward. It can be equipped with a four-head weigher and a ten-head weigher, twelve-head weigher. So you can choose the model according to the weight of the materials you want to pack.


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