The egg tray drying machine is closely related to the output of the egg tray machine. The egg tray is sent to the drying equipment to dry. There are mainly three drying methods for egg trays. We can provide a suitable drying method according to different capacities, fuel, labor, factory space, cost, and, other factors. The egg tray drying machine is the decisive factor for distinguishing between semi-automatic and fully automatic egg tray production.

After being formed, the egg tray products contain high moisture and need to be dried to remove moisture from the product. The drying line uses coal, fuel, or electricity as a heat source to heat the air. Molded egg trays are dried in hot air. The temperature needs about 180-220℃. If the temperature is too high, the egg tray may ignite spontaneously. The drying time is related to many factors.

Such as capacity, the concentration of raw materials, etc. It adopts the fan to extract the moisture evaporated from the product to achieve a fast-drying effect. The drying line has a single-layer mesh belt drying and double-layer mesh belt drying and multi-layer hanging drying line. The single-layer mesh belt drying line is about 45 meters in length. The double-layer mesh belt drying line is about 25 meters in length. The multi-layer drying line has a smaller footprint, which can effectively save heat inside the drying line.