Waste paper shredder is a multi-functional shredding equipment, which can quickly tear all kinds of waste paper resources, such as books, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, waste carton, wrapping paper, and so on, into shreds. The shredded paper can be reprocessed into other products, such as paper making, egg tray processing, and so on.

The Shuliy plant’s industrial waste paper shredders can handle a minimum of 500 kg per hour and a maximum of 40 tons per hour. Therefore, no matter what kind of shredder you buy, we at Shuliy Factory have the right solution for you.

waste paper shredder for sale
waste paper shredder for sale

Structural features of waste paper shredder

  • Dual shaft design: The core feature of a waste paper shredder is that it has two rotating shafts, usually set in parallel. These two shafts are usually equipped with shredding structures such as blades, gears, or spikes to effectively shred material.
  • Blade and knife configuration: The shafts of a waste paper shredder are equipped with a series of blades or knives. These blades are usually designed in a specific shape to ensure efficient shredding action. The way the blades are configured affects the capacity and effectiveness of the shredder.
  • Powerful drive system: To cope with handling a wide range of hard and large quantities of materials, waste paper dual shaft shredders are usually equipped with a powerful drive system that ensures adequate power for the rotation of the shafts and the operation of the blades.
  • Sturdy body and stand: Since paper shredders are often used to process hard waste and large materials, their body and stand are usually made of sturdy metal materials to ensure the stability and durability of the equipment.
  • Adjustability: Some designs take into account the diversity of materials, allowing the user to adjust the configuration of the blades or the operating parameters of the shredder to accommodate different types and sizes of materials.
  • Safety design: Twin-shaft shredders are often equipped with safety guards to prevent operator injuries during machine operation. This may include safety switches, emergency stop buttons, etc.
shredding shaft of shredder machine
shredding shaft of shredder machine

Applications of waster paper shredding machine

Paper pulverizers have a great role to play in the recycling of waste paper. It can quickly pulverize bulky waste paper resources into crumbs, which on the one hand can save the storage and transportation space of waste paper, and on the other hand can improve the paper pulping efficiency in the industries of papermaking and processing egg tray.

In addition, the shredder is a multi-purpose industrial equipment which is widely used for waste disposal, metal recycling, plastic recycling, wood processing, e-waste and industrial waste disposal due to its powerful shredding capacity.

paper shredder machines in stock
paper shredder machines in stock

Waste paper shredder parameters

Model Power (kw)Capacity (t/h)Dimension(mm
shredder machine parameters
delivery of paper shredding machine
delivery of paper shredding machine