Shisha charcoal machine

Shisha charcoal machine

Shisha charcoal press machine is widely used in charcoal powder forming and briquetting, it is the necessary facility for charcoal powder and coal powder deep processing. In addition, the quality of shisha carbon products produced by this charcoal-making process is stable.


Shisha charcoal press machine is designed according to the advantages of the latest molding machine at the world, which uses the newest pressing system, completely abandoned the old molding method of the slow material discharging, serious wear and tear, technical difficulties, expensive accessories, low efficiency, and other shortcomings.

The Shuliy shisha charcoal press machine mainly has two types: the mechanical type shisha charcoal tablet press machine and the hydraulic type shisha charcoal press machine. Each type of hookah charcoal-making machine has its own great advantages. Here we are mainly to introduce the mechanical type shisha charcoal tablet press machine in detail.

The shisha charcoal briquettes’ shape can be cubic, diamonds, ringlike, rhomboid, triangular form, cylinder, pyramid, convexity, concavity, round tablets, etc. We even can design the lettering on the charcoal briquettes with the user’s company name, brand name, telephone number, etc. The final shisha charcoal briquettes have high density and a good appearance.



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Model Power Capacity Diameter Modulus
SL-10 7.5kw 9pieces/min


20-40mm 10
SL-14 7.5kw 11pieces/min 21times/min 20-40mm 14
SL-15 7.5kw 12pieces/min 23times/min 20-40mm 15