Small cashew nut processing line

The small cashew nut shelling line is mainly composed of semi-automatic cashew nut machines. Its production steps are mainly cleaning, analysis, cooking, peeling, separating the shell and kernel, and roasting cashew nuts. The following is a 200kg/h cashew nut production line to illustrate the production steps and machines required for cashew nut processing.

200kg/h small kaju cashew processing machine list and parameter


Number Name Capacity Size Power Weight
1 Cashew cleaning machine 500kg/h 1.58*0.85*0.8m 1.1kw 180kg
2 Cashew nut grading machine 500kg/h 3.6*0.9*1.6m 1.1kw 450kg
3 Cashew cooking machine 200kg/h 1.5*0.6*1.55m 18kw 150kg
4 Cashew nut shelling machine 240kg/h 1.45*1.33*1.55m 3kw 700kg
5 Shell kernel separator 400kg/h 1.25*0.85*1.85m 2.2kw 320kg
6 Cashew kernel peeling machine 200kg/h 0.71*0.69*1.38m 0.1kw 110kg
7 Cashew nut roaster 200kg/h 3*2.2*1.7m 2.2kw 500kg

Fully automatic kaju cashew processing plant

The fully automatic cashew kernel processing plant can realize the fully automatic process from cashew nut feeding to shelling. It has a high degree of automation, and the production efficiency of the production line can reach more than 1000kg/h. The production line covers a large area and has high production efficiency. Therefore, it is mainly suitable for Large cashew processing plants.

automatic kaju cashew processing machine
automatic kaju cashew processing machine

Large cashew nut processing machine introduction

The cashew nut processing machines involved in the nut shelling line are roughly the same machines as the small cashew nut line. But all the machines have been replaced with automatic cashew processing machines. For example, the cashew nut shelling machine uses an automatic cashew nut shelling unit. The unit is composed of several automatic cashew nut shelling machines, which greatly increases production efficiency while keeping the shelling rate unchanged.

Large kaju cashew nut processing machine video

Advantages of cashew kernel processing plant

  • This automatic cashew nut production line can realize the automatic operation process from raw cashew nut to shelled nuts, with a high degree of automation.
  • All machines provided by the cashew machine manufacturer are made of carbon steel and stainless steel, which increases the service life of the machine.
  • This production line can not only increase production efficiency, but also reduce personnel contact and reduce pollution.
  • All cashew nut processing machines can be operated by intelligent PLC control panel.