At present, this sawdust charcoal production line is very popular with investors and processors from most African countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and a small number of European countries.

Our factory designed sawdust charcoal production lines with output of 2-3t/d, 4-5t/d, and 8-10t/d according to the needs of many domestic and foreign customers. The main factors affecting the output of charcoal are the configuration of the production line and the choice of the machine model.

The main production links of this automatic sawdust charcoal processing line include wood crushing, sawdust drying, sawdust briquettes extruding, sawdust briquettes carbonizing(pini-coal making).

Raw materials: logs, wood scraps, branches.

Sawdust requirements: the best size is between 3-5mm. The moisture content after drying should be less than 12%.

Final product: pini kay briquettes, sawdust charcoal briquettes, pini-coal

Features: the sawdust briquette shapes can be customized.