The high-speed paper pulper machine is the key equipment of the pulp egg tray processing line. Its main purpose is to mix waste paper with water and break it into a slurry. This pulping process is the first step in processing pulp egg trays and provides pulp raw materials for the subsequent egg tray forming process.

Different models of paper pulping machines have different volumes, so their processing output is also different. Our Shuliy factory can recommend suitable paper pulper machine models according to your needs.

paper pulper for egg tray production line
paper pulper for egg tray production line

Do I always need a paper pulper to process egg trays?

Yes, processing egg trays usually requires the use of a pulper. A pulper is a piece of equipment used to convert waste paper or pulp material into pulp suitable for papermaking and egg tray processing. A pulper produces pulp of the appropriate consistency by mixing and breaking waste paper sheets, cardboard, or other waste paper materials with water.

Pulp is the basic raw material in the processing of egg trays. Here are some of the key steps in using a pulper when processing egg trays:

  1. Waste paper pulping: Waste paper is fed into the pulper where it is mixed with water and broken up to form a suitable pulp.
  2. Pulp Stirring: The pulper typically stirs and mixes the pulp to ensure uniformity and consistency.
  3. Removal of impurities: The paper pulper helps to remove impurities from the waste paper, such as ink, glue, etc., to improve the quality of the pulp.
  4. Adjusting pulp consistency: The pulper also allows the operator to adjust the consistency of the pulp to meet the specific requirements of the egg tray process.
  5. Throughout the process, the selection and operation of the pulper are critical to the quality and productivity of the egg tray. Through the use of a pulper, waste paper resources can be effectively utilized, recycled, and reused, and provided with high-quality raw materials for egg tray production.
waste paper for making pulp
waste paper for making pulp

Features of Shuliy’s paper pulping machines

  1. Shuliy factory’s pulpers are available in different volumes, the common volumes are 1.2m³, 2.5m³, 5m³, 8m³, and so on. Larger volume pulpers can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
  2. Shuliy factory not only provides high-quality pulper, but also can design the drawing of the egg tray factory according to the customer’s processing requirements, and the placement of the pulper, and provide the supporting equipment related to the pulper.

Parameters of paper pulper machine

paper pulper machine parameters
paper pulp grinder
paper pulp machine for sale