When making high-quality bbq charcoal or hookah/shisha charcoal, we can use all kinds of charcoal briquette machines, like charcoal ball press machines, tablet or cubic shisha charcoal press machines, and so on. All these charcoal machines can press the charcoal powder or coal powder into a certain shape directly in an automatic way.

Besides, our Shuliy machinery can also provide an independent cutter machine for cutting charcoal briquettes with different lengths or shapes. The working effects are also amazing like other charcoal machines.

The automatic charcoal briquettes cutting machines are designed for cutting various charcoal & coal briquettes of the same sizes. The charcoal cutter is often used to automatically cut all kinds of barbecue charcoal and hookah charcoal briquettes, and help to improve carbon production efficiency. Shisha & hookah charcoal cutters are often used in combination with charcoal briquettes extruder machines in charcoal plants.