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The equipment for the industrialized processing of fruit paper trays is now an important investment project for many investors. Among them, the paper apple tray making machine is an ideal machine for processing fruit trays. This commercial apple tray processing machine can recycle various waste paper boxes and newspapers and process them into fruit trays of different specifications. Moreover, the size, color, weight, etc. of the processed paper apple tray can be customized according to customer needs.

The egg tray production line is a fully automatic production line composed of a variety of machines. Its main machines include pulping machines, egg carton making machines, dryers, and egg tray packaging machines. This production line is mainly used for making paper egg trays, the raw material is various waste paper.

The raw material for making the apple tray is waste paper. When making the egg tray, firstly, a certain amount of water is added to the waste paper to make pulp. The prepared pulp needs to be re-added with water for adjustment. The water in the pool enters the conditioning pool( regulating pool ) through the water pump and is adjusted to a suitable ratio in the pool. The adjusted pulp directly leads to the pulp storage tank at the lower part of the egg tray making machine and can be directly used to make egg cartons.