This commercial garden-specific branch shredder is suitable for use in the fields of gardens, forestry, highway tree maintenance, parks, golf courses, etc. It is mainly used to crush various branches cut by pruning trees. After crushing, it can be used as a cover, garden bed foundation, organic fertilizer, edible fungus, biomass power generation. Besides, the crushed pieces can also be used to produce high-density boards, particleboard, paper, etc.

Commercial branch shredders are now widely used in forestry and garden maintenance. After being crushed by the branch crusher, the crushed material can be directly sprayed into the transport vehicle. Moreover, the transportation volume is 10 times the original branch transportation volume, which can greatly save transportation space and transportation costs.

This kind of garden branch crusher can crush the branches anytime and anywhere, and it is convenient to move. The branch shredders manufactured by the Shuliy factory are mainly divided into small (household) branch shredders and large branch shredders.