Fish meal is a kind of nutritious material that can be further processed for making animal feed, such as cat and dog food, rabbit food, and all kinds of poultry feed. Due to its high protein and nutritional value, it is very popular in the animal feed market, therefore, fishmeal making has become a promising business in recent years.

To make fish powder, it is necessary to adopt a special processing craft and a series of fish meal production equipment as support. The whole Shuliy fish meal production line mainly includes the steps of fish cutting, fish cooking, fish squeezing, fish powder drying and screening, and fish meal packaging.

The whole fish meal production line is very productive, 1-5 tons per day, 10-50 tons per day, 50-100 tons per day or even more final fish meal can be made. We can customize different fishmeal production lines based on the actual requirements of our customers.

All the machines in this fish meal plant are made of high-quality SUS 304 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and durable so that can make sure these fish meal processing machines have a long time using.

Each of the equipment in this fish powder processing line can be different models and with different working capacities. Besides, as the professional fishmeal machine manufacturer, we can provide a series of supporting equipment and the spare parts for mass production of fish powder, like electric control cabinet, screw conveyor, cyclone(dust collector), the deodorizing equipment(spray tower, condenser), fish oil concentrator, stainless steel storage tank, boiler, air pump and so on.