This industrial centrifuge can realize oil-water separation, water-slag separation, and simultaneous separation of oil, water, and slag. The horizontal centrifuge is mainly used for the extraction and separation of animal protein, can refine animal fats in meat processing, and is used for concentrated separation of fish oil in aquatic processing.

The three-phase horizontal centrifuge relies on the density difference of the material to be treated and relies on the centrifugal force of the machine to realize the sedimentation stratification. The lighter the liquid phase is closer to the axis of the rotary shaft, the heavier the liquid phase is closer to the inner wall of the drum, the heaviest solid-phase settles on the inner wall of the drum, and the light and heavy liquid phases are discharged from the respective channels designed by the machine itself, and the solid phase is discharged by the screw feeder.

The horizontal centrifuge equipment is the important solid-liquid separator in the fish oil production line, which also named fish oil separator, three-phase centrifuge, centrifugal filtration, and so on. This fish oil separator can mainly separate the fishmeal, water, and fish oil from the waster water of the cooked fish squeezing machine. Under the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge, the solid matter such as fish meal settles on the inner wall of the drum to form a solid ring layer. Light phase materials such as sewage and fish oil flow out from different outlets of the machine.