The log horizontal carbonization furnace can use combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, etc. generated by the incomplete combustion of biomass raw materials during the carbonization process, and separate impurities such as wood tar and wood acetic acid through a flue gas separation device to obtain pure combustible gas.

These combustible gases will then enter the self-equipped burner of the machine through the induced draft fan for full combustion, heating the cylinder of the horizontal airflow carbonization furnace (the temperature is generally controlled at about 600 ℃). When heated to a certain temperature, it can be fed for carbonization.

The horizontal log charcoal furnace is the carbonization equipment for processing various charcoal. This air-flow type charcoal making machine can not only carbonize wood chips, branches, bamboo, coconut shells, logs, but also biomass briquettes, such as sawdust briquettes. The main structure of the horizontal carbonization furnace includes an outer shell, an inner liner, a pipe, and smoke. Gas purification equipment, etc. Due to its large output and simple operation, this charcoal machine is very popular among charcoal processors.