This rotary wood debarker machine has the advantages of a compact structure and simple operation. This new log debarking machine can better peel dry and wet logs with a diameter ranging from 150mm to 360mm. This commercial wood debarker machine is important processing equipment for many pulp and paper mills, wood processing plants, fiberboard manufacturing plants, and wood chips production plants.

The electric wood peeler debarker machine is designed as a ring structure, which is mainly composed of a host, a feeding system, a discharging system, a transmission device, and other parts. Among them, its feeding system and discharging system are mainly automatic conveyor belts. The main part is a group of ring-shaped cutters and racks.

The wood used for peeling may be dry wood or wet wood. This wood peeling machine has the best peeling effect on semi-humid logs. The logs peeled by this machine are usually further processed into various boards and chips.