Industrial hammer mills are usually used in forest farms and wood recycling plants to crush all kinds of waste wood, wood scraps, branches, logs, etc. This commercial hammer mill crusher series can mainly process wood chips and sawdust with a fineness of 5mm or more. Due to different driving methods, it can be divided into electric hammer mills and diesel hammer mills. The processing capacity of this large wood crusher is more than one ton per hour. With the use of automatic conveying equipment, the output of the hammer-type wood crusher machines can reach approximately 4t/h to 6t/h. Generally, the wood chips or sawdust processed by these log crushers can be used for papermaking, the nutrient base for fungi, and wood pellets.

The materials used for wood recycling are usually various biomass raw materials. The hammer crusher can quickly crush all kinds of wood scraps into fine flakes. In addition, the industrial wood shredder can also be directly used to smash wood scraps, logs, branches, coconut shells, corn cobs, and other materials. It should be noted that the smaller the feed size of the hammer crusher, the greater the output and the higher the production efficiency.

The finished product of the hammer mill is mainly sawdust. According to different customer needs, sawdust of different fineness can be processed. The fineness of common sawdust is generally between 2mm-3cm.