The compressed wood pallets are a new type of hot-pressed wooden pallets, but these wood pallets are not entirely made of wood but are made of wood chips, straw, sawdust, wood processing leftovers, rice husks, coconut shells, etc. Therefore, this kind of pressed wood pallets are very environmentally friendly and can promote the recycling and reuse of resources.

The main structure of a commercial compressed wood pallet machine includes frame, hydraulic device, mold, heat transfer cylinder (or boiler), etc. The mold of the machine can be replaced with different shapes, patterns, and sizes. The hydraulic device of the wood pallet machine is mainly to provide suitable pressure for wooden pallet forming.

How does the hydraulic pallets press machine work?

Before compressing the sawdust, we usually preheat the wood pallet machine. We can use the steam generated by the boiler as the heat source of the wooden pallet machine or use the heat-conducting oil furnace to conduct heat conduction heating into the mold of the pallet machine.

Then, we evenly pour the sawdust into the mold of the machine and flatten it. After pressing the down switch, the upper mold of the machine will be pressed down, and after about 7 minutes, a wooden pallet will be made.

After the wooden pallet is made, we need to manually remove it from the mold, or set up an automatic discharge device near the discharge port of the machine.