There are many raw materials used to process wooden pallet blocks, usually various waste biomass materials. Most branches, sawdust, wood processing leftovers, wood shavings, rice husks, straw, pine, hardwood, logs, etc. can be used to process wooden blocks. These raw materials need to be made into sawdust using a wood shredder before processing sawdust pallet blocks.

The wood pallet block machine is the main equipment for processing wooden cubes and tiles. The equipment usually has two reverse feed inlets for holding sawdust. In addition, the woodblocks making machine has four outlets, which are mainly for extruding pallet blocks.

The sawdust pallet blocks making machine has the function of electric heating. The heating plate is continuously heated during the extrusion of wood blocks so that the lignin in the sawdust is heated to melt and adhere to each other.

The pallet blocks made in this way will be more solid and denser. The export mold of the wood pallet block machine can be replaced with molds of different sizes, so the equipment can produce wooden blocks of different specifications.

The length of pallet blocks processed by a commercial wood pallet block machine is usually 1200mm. There are usually many cross-sectional dimensions, mainly determined by different molding dies. Common sizes that can be processed are 75*75mm, 80*80mm, 90*90mm, 90*120mm, 100*100mm, 100*120mm, 100*140mm, 100*150mm, 140*140mm, etc. We can also customize the size of pallet blocks according to customer needs.