This box-type charcoal or coal briquettes drying machine is mainly used for dry high moisture materials to a suitable moisture, achieve the maximum use-value of the material. The drying machine is widely used for drying charcoal or coal ball, shisha or hookah charcoal briquettes, coal rod, and so on.

Hookah charcoal dryer or bbq charcoal dryer is the ideal equipment for the quick drying of the shisha/hookah charcoal or barbecue charcoal briquettes, which also named charcoal drying box or charcoal dryer room. The charcoal dryer machine is very suitable for the commercial charcoal production line to make charcoal in large quantities.

The drying machine adopts a fully enclosed structure and the hot air circulates in the box, which can shorten the drying time of the materials and ensures product quality. Generally, the dryer machine can reduce the materials’ moisture content from 40% to 8% during about 7-8 hours. And the machine has the features of easy installation, convenient demolition and relocation, and less floor space.