Groundnut picker machine

Groundnut picker machine

Here shows a large-scale peanut picker. This machine can be pulled by a tractor and can work directly in the field, which means that the harvested peanuts can be picked directly. This saves a lot of labor.


The TZY-1800 groundnut picker machine can discharge peanut leaves and grass through a draught fan to achieve automatic separation of peanuts fruit and seeding. In addition, it can automatically pack peanuts. This groundnut picker machine is suitable for dry peanuts and wet peanuts with a fast picking speed and a high cleaning rate. The capacity of picking wet peanuts is 1100kg/h. The peanut picker machine can be moved anytime, anywhere, which is flexible and convenient. Most importantly, the peanut picker machine adopts widen cylinders and thicker materials to provide more stable performance and continuous operation. The widened inlet can convey peanut seedlings automatically. The optimized fan with strong wind is able to blow out the impurities. The wheels can save manpower. Wide tires enable it to bears good stability. It is fixed with u-shaped screws, which are more flexible and convenient. It has stable transmission performance.

Automatic loading and bagging are very convenient, and the peanut picker machine itself can be disassembled flexibly. The two support rods at the inlet can make the machine more stable. The widening drum can increase output.


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Model TZY-1800
Power 25-37kw
Rotation speed of roller 550r/min
Loss rate ≤1%
Broken rate ≤3%
Impurity rate ≤2%
Capacity 1100kg/h(wet peanut)
Inlet dimension 1100*700mm
The height from inlet to ground 1050mm
Weight 720kg
The model of separation and cleaning Vibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of screen 3340*640mm
Dimension of machine 5800*2100*1900mm
The diameter of roller 600mm
The length of roller 1800mm
Capacity unit power ≥30kg/kwh