The main function of the fiber opener

Garnett function

By the relative movement of two machine parts with angle nails and needle teeth on the surface. Then the fiber block in the raw material is torn and loosened.

Loosing function

Use the high-speed rotary punching machine to strike the feeding fiber raw material. So as to further loosen the fiber block and remove impurities.

Impurity removal function

The degree of looseness of fiber raw material directly affects the removal of impurities in the raw material. Generally, in the initial stage of opening, the fiber opener separates large impurities and small adhesion impurities in the raw material easily. With the further opening, some of the fine impurities are removed.

Fiber opener’s features

  • Small volume, low cost, large output, long service life, safe and convenient operation.
  • Suitable for all kinds of factories. We can use the opening machine to unwrap all kinds of long and short fibers such as wool, polyester fiber, spraying cotton, PP cotton, etc.
  • The biggest feature of the opening machine is its simple operation, and the operator only needs to place the material at the feeding port. The material will be more full and more elastic after opening, which can save a lot of materials, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and improve the competitiveness of the product.