Textile fiber cutting machines can be used to cut all kinds of fiber rags, such as waste cloth, glass fiber, aramid fiber, textile fiber, and so on. The cut fabric fibers can be recycled and processed into various items, such as carpets, felts, cotton threads, etc.

The cutting machine has two fixed blades and four movable blades, the blade is made of alloy tool steel. With the help of the high rotation of the movable blade roller, the raw material will be cut into small pieces when they pass the fixed blade.

How does the textile fiber cutting machine work?

The cutting size of the material can be customized and adjusted, the normal size is 3-15cm, if the material is too small, such as 1-2cm, a blowing machine should be added at the outlet, if the material is the normal size, it is the normal discharging conveyor belt. There are many models of this machine, but all models’ feeding and discharging conveying lengths are 3m.

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Applications of cloth fiber cutting machine

Textile fiber cutting machines can quickly cut up all kinds of soft fiber, carbon fiber, seaweed fiber, biological fiber, bamboo fiber, textile clothing scraps, waste yarn, waste line, old clothes, paper cotton, hemp, fishing net, non-woven, latex, leather, palm silk, graphene, sponge, cotton, car interior scraps, polished leather, leather, and other materials.

Features of fabric shredder machine

The characteristics of most textile fiber products are not high hardness, but the fiber structure interweaves closely, large tensile force, and the shape is not fixed, to cut such materials, cutting treatment is a very difficult thing. Our fiber textile shredding machine is made and designed based on better character and advanced experience of similar products domestically and abroad.

In addition, this textile fiber cutting machine can meet the requirement of the best quality, high output, and low cost, and also has a feature of reasonable structure, easy operation, safe production, and so on. It can also be combined with other machines into a complete textile fabric processing line.

textile fibre cutting machine applications
textile fibre cutting machine applications

Best-selling textile fiber shredder machines of Shuliy

ModelCapacityPowerCut sizeCut thicknessDimension
SL-800300kg/h7.5kw5—300mmfixed one size20mm1865*1120*1220mm
SL-1200800kg/h15kw5—150mSelect 3 sizes30mm3500*1200*1300mm
SL-16001200-2000kg/h 18kw5—150mSelect 3 sizes30-60mm6000*1000*1100mm
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