Waste textile/cotton recycling line includes textile fiber cutting machine, fiber opener, clear spring machine, and vertical hydraulic baling machine. Every single machine has its own independent function and is an indispensable part of fiber recycling.

Textile fiber cutting machine

Fiber cutter is the first step in this process. The operator only needs to put the material to be cut on the feeding conveyor belt, and the machine will cut according to the specified size. Saving time and effort, which is the best choice for waste fabric recycling treatment.

Fiber opener

After the material has been processed by the fiber cutter, then the next step is to loosen. The process by which compacted and entangled fibrous raw materials are unwound and impurities are removed.

Clear spring machine

Generally speaking, the opening and clearing machines are usually in the form of a combination. Certainly, the clearing machines are widely used in the opening of various chemical fiber, hemp spinning, cotton spinning, wool spinning, textile waste yarn, waste clothing, textile scraps, non-woven fabrics, and other raw materials.

Vertical hydraulic baling machine

After a series of processes, then it comes to the final step: packing. A vertical hydraulic baler can effectively reduce waste storage space, save up to 80% stacking space, reduce transportation costs, meanwhile is conducive to environmental protection, and waste recycling.