Jujube grading machine is also called a date sorting machine. It is mainly used for the classification of various round and oval fruit and vegetables. For example, passion fruit, longan, blueberry, orange, potato, walnut, and so on. This machine can customize the corresponding machine according to different raw materials. Jujube grading machine has a wide application range and large output, which is the first choice for various fruit and vegetable processing plants.

All the parts in contact with the fruit are thickened packing, and the fruit will not be damaged during the grading process. The grading size can be adjusted within a certain range. The jujube grading machine is made of thickened stainless steel which is durable. In the meantime, equipped with a large fruit plate( feeding on the machine side or on the top of the machine). It is can pick bad fruit, which is a multi-purpose machine. The date sorting machine can also equip with a belt, which is more convenient for picking bad material. The part of grading mainly including two meters and three meters. Part can customize according to the user’s need. The number of grades is arbitrarily adjustable, and the size of the grading can be adjusted. The jujube grading uses a full copper motor, (220v or380v)with adjustable speed. Grading speed can be customized by the motor. The working track adopts food grade silicone belt, which is full of elasticity, non-toxic and harmless, anti-aging. The number of grades is generally 3-6 levels. Generally, it is suitable for the fruit of a diameter of 0.5-4.5cm. Capacity is 500kg/h. The machine can be customized according to the customer’s specific conditions.