We have different types of garlic planters. It can equip with different powers. This garlic planter can equip with a gasoline engine for independent use, or it can use in conjunction with small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers. The garlic planter composed of boxes for garlic, conveyor, front wheel, back wheel, reducer, disc colter, transmission chain, gear, and space distance control, depth adjusting, and so on.

Advantages of using garlic planter

  1. The effective and reasonable configuration of the whole machine ensures a stable, reliable, and efficient operation process.
  2. Quickly adjust the direction of the garlic seeds so that the garlic seeds face upwards to ensure the survival rate of planting.
  3. Automatic garlic planting can save labor costs. The planting area is large, and it is expensive to use artificial planting. The use of machines can save costs and improve economic efficiency.
  4. The density of planting is reasonable and the seeding is even. Improve the survival rate of sowing and garlic planting yield.