Rice nursery seeding machine

Rice nursery seeding machine

The rice nursery seedling machine is specially used for raising seedling rice. The design of the fully automatic rice seedling production line can complete all kinds of rice seeding processes, such as seedbed soil covering, sowing seeds, sprinkling irrigation, earth covering soil, etc.


This rice seeder can not nursery vegetables because this is a nursery seeding machine specifically for rice. We have a special vegetable seeding machine. The whole rice seedling raising machine can include hanging plug seedling tray device, seedling plate covering device, seedbed soil revolving brush, spray setting, seed funnel, earth covering auxiliary funnel, earth covering removing brush, Plates collecting machine, etc.
The spiral seeder meter meets the needs of precision seeding. It can realize the adjustable number of seeds and improves the uniformity of seeding. This rice seeder uses the key technical fields of the transplanting seedling industry to improve the automatic technology of the industrialization of rice nursery seedling.
After the rice seedlings are completed, the rice transplanter machine needs to be used for transplanting. Rice transplanter is divided into the self-propelled type and hand-push type.


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