We have two types of rice and wheat harvester, one is a crawler type and the other is a tire type. Combined rice and wheat harvester machine, as its name showed, firstly harvest the rice or wheat from the field, and then thresh them directly. In the past, the harvester, and thresher need to be finished by two machines. One is a harvesting machine, and the other is a threshing machine. Now, Farmers are able to complete all the processes use the combined wheat harvesting machine that equipped with cutting and threshing at the same time. It saves labor intensity and relieves farmer’s burden.

Advantages of rice and wheat harvester
Low breakage late. it is only 5% and you can get very intact and clean kernels

High capacity. This combined harvester has a higher capacity(1000m³/h) compared with other harvesters
Cutting height is adjustable(12-75cm).
Easy operation. Only one person can finish all the processes.
Multiple functions. It can harvest the rice and wheat firstly and then thresh them to get kernels, which saves time and energy.