Nursery sowing machine

Nursery sowing machine

TZ-80 nursery sowing machine is also a fully automatic seedling raising machine. It is an upgraded version of the TZ-79 seedling raising machine. Similarly, It can nursery vegetable seedlings and flower seedlings.


TZ-80 nursery sowing machine also can raise seedlings of various vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, onion, tomato, cucumber, pepper, and so on. It can also raise seedlings of various flowers. TY-80 vegetable nursery seeder machine is mainly composed of two parts. And the two parts synthesize the whole seedling raising machine.

A series of steps from the mixing of the substrate, placing the plate, to covering the soil have realized automatic control. The seedling period is 10-20 days, which shorter than conventional seedlings. So it improves labor productivity, eases labor efficiency, and reduces labor volume.

A nursery seeding machine used for growing seedlings in greenhouses. Nursery seeding machine used for nursery flower


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