The paper straw-making machine is mainly composed of material rack, electric heating device, rolling device, and cutting device, optional drying channel, and storage box are optional equipment. The automatic paper straw machine can automatically make 3-4 layers of raw materials into flat-mouthed, strip-shaped straws with a diameter of 4.5-12mm. Different colors of paper can be made according to customers’ orders. The machine can produce white straws, primary color straws, colored straws, etc.
The material rack can automatically connect paper rolls. There is an electric sensor, when the paper roll is used up, another roll of material is automatically connected. Multi-layer paper guide device developed by us. Ensure the tension of the paper. The speed is balanced. Will not go astray. Make more beautiful straws.
The gluing device is suitable for paper without glue, and the inner layer is automatically glued, which is relatively uniform. Because paper with glue is not easy to purchase and the cost is much higher, so our raw material is always paper without glue. The electric heating device, suitable for paper with glue, by heating, the glue melts and sticks together