The incense stick making machine is a popular device for creating different types of incense. This machine applies incense powder to bamboo sticks to make incense for various purposes, such as religious practices, mosquito repellent, or air freshening.

The primary ingredients for making incense sticks are wood dust, water, adhesive powder, and flavoring. The wood dust must be finely ground to a range of 60 to 100 mesh. The amount of flavoring added is based on the customer’s processing specifications.

Main features of incense stick making machine

This machine adheres to uniform standards for each unit, simplifying maintenance and repair.
The incense-making host is equipped with imported original parts and a precision-speed motor, allowing it to handle up to 400 labels per minute.

Moreover, the advanced water cooling technology solves the problem of heat generation, ensuring the machine’s longevity and efficiency during continuous operation.
The nuclear gold-bearing sleeve utilizes automatic lubrication technology to extend the lifespan of the bearings.